Cost Xpert AG is a leading supplier of business solutions based on methodology-driven scientific estimations for every IT project. Valid effort and cost evaluations, the so-called estimations, are the key for efficient, fact-based, target and result-oriented IT management. We offer information and planning reliability on a strategic as well as operational level and help you to benefit from an important freedom of action in order to lastingly strengthen and further expand the performance of your company. Here you will learn more about Cost Xpert and the people behind the brand.
With our assistance you will be able to change the world of your IT management. The approach of Integrated Methodology driven Estimation (IME) we developed on the basis of specialized estimation methods approved in many cases grants transparency and an extensive decision-making basis to everyone participating in planning, control, implementation or supervision of IT-bound business processes. Experience together with Cost Xpert how to turn estimates into certainty and finally into economic success.
When we talk about business solutions, we think of the fusion of tools, methodology knowledge and consultation expertise aligned to the relevant customer benefit and enriched by reasonable service components from our company. Our consultants support you on a corporate management level with regard to fact-based controlling of measurement, conception and implementation of processes and systems. This way, simulation is turned into farsightedness; transparency is turned into performance increases. We reinforce your operative project management through training, formation and systematic knowledge transfer. Here you will find the appropriate CX approach for your business.
Cost Xpert’s estimation software is considered as a benchmark for estimating IT projects. When we launched our CX 3.7 Tool Suite in 2007, the conception of Integrated Methodology-driven Estimation (IME) was available for the first time to a wide range of expert professionals. CX 3.7 was replaced in Summer 2013 by our new browser-based "CX sucCXess 2012" (R2) software which allows you to plan, control and carry on your IT-bound business processes even more extensively and comfortably in future. Design to cost – just an apprentice piece for you.

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